Collection of postcards from Australia, UK and Worldwide. Click on any card for larger view.

It’s A Long Way To The Top Australia Post Produced Postcard And Stamp

Official item produced by Australia Post in 1998 in a series to celebrate Australian Rock. This one is a very rare Original Australian Souvenir Postcard which has been personally hand signed by the Stamp Designer PHILIP ELLETT.

scan0003 scan0004

I also have the stamp on it’s own in mint condition non postmarked. Also appearing on the stamp page.


AC/DC Australian Legends of Rock. Australia Post Postcard. 

Issued by Australia Post 18th January 2013. Has First Day of Issue 18th January 2013 Melbourne VIC 3000 stamped over the Back in Black stamp.

scan0001 scan0002

AC/DC Live Over Europe 1982 Original Postcard

This postcard was received as a gift from Ebay seller vnail just as a thank you for buying some small posters from him. He also gave me one free poster. View the Posters Small page to view them. He is one of the best eBay sellers I have come across. To view all his great items for sale click here

scan0034 scan0035

AC/DC Bon Scott. Card from the UK in 1991

scan0037 scan0038


AC/DC Angus

Original 1989 issue licensed postcard

scan0005 scan0006

AC/DC Angus Heetseeker

Original 1989 issue licensed postcard

scan0002 scan0004

AC/DC Who Made Who

Original 1990 issue licensed postcard

scan0001 scan0003

AC/DC 70’s Band Line Up


AC/DC Angus Late 70’s Era Postcard

scan0011 scan0012

AC/DC Ballbreaker Original 1995 UK Postcard

scan0021 scan0022

AC/DC Logo Angus Hot Legs

scan0167 scan0168

AC/DC Logo Angus

scan0163 scan0165

AC/DC Logo Angus UK Postcard

scan0035 scan0036

AC/DC Logo Brian


AC/DC Logo Angus & Band

scan0012 scan0013

AC/DC Angus Album Covers

scan0014 scan0015

AC/DC Young Angus Young 🙂

scan0028 scan0029

Angus Live At Donnington 1991

scan0034 scan0035

For Those About To Rock

scan0016 scan0017

Back In Black #1

scan0018 scan0019

Back In Black #2

scan0032 scan0033

Live At Donnington

scan0040 scan0041

Highway To Hell White Lettering UK Version#1

scan0036 scan0037

Highway To Hell Yellow Lettering EEU Version#2


Dirty Deeds US Cover

scan0030 scan0031


scan0024 scan0025

Angus Stiff Upper Lip

scan0038 scan0039

Angus Cartoon Caracture

scan0022 scan0023

AC/DC Plug Me In

scan0020 scan0021

Highway to Hell Summer Tour New Zealand


First Time in USA


Razor’s Edge


Let There Be Rock


No Bull


Live at Donnington


Highway To Hell


Eurotour 1988




The Razor’s Edge New Zealand Tour


AC/DC Logo Heat Seeker



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