Most Valued Prized Items

This page is just for the items I value most highly. Not highly valued so much for their monetary value although they are worth money, these are just items I REALLY like the most. In no particular order.

Mark Evans. Let There Be Rock International LP Cover

Authentic Hand Signed Copy

This framed hand signed cover was recently received by me for a birthday present from the same mate who also got the book signed for me below. Another priceless pride and joy of my collection. Photos of the signing included below.

100_3416 100_3417 100_3415 Capture5 Capture6 Capture7 Capture8

Mark Evans. Dirty Deeds My Life Inside and Outside of AC/DC

Authentic hand signed copy.

This book is also one of my pride and joy’s. A good mate of mine who is friends with Mark Evans had this signed recently. I think they must have been on the turps as Mark had a busted zipper when he signed it which he included in the signing 🙂 Photos of the signing included at the bottom.

100_1085 100_1083 100_1084 Capture3 Capture1 Capture2 Capture4


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