Lampshade & Lights

AC/DC Concert Dressing Room Lampshade. (Australia)

This was in AC/DC’s dressing room for the Sydney, Australia Black Ice Concerts.  Apparently there was a few of them, and there was a set made for each of the concert locations in Australia. Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.  It is 850mm high and 450mm wide.  The same image is on all four sides.  It doesn’t look particularly interesting here, but when a light is put inside it it comes to life.  I bought this from the guy who was responsible for making and installing them.  They were in wooden frames in the dressing room with a simple light bulb inside.  There is a lot of detail that can be seen when lit that is not visible beforehand.  It is screen printed on a hard perspex/plastic type material. See pictures below.

dressing-room-shade-front dressing-room-shade-corner dressing-room-shade-lit-front dressing-room-shade-lit-corner

 AC/DC Logo Bar Light

This light also appears in the bar-ware section.

100_8081 100_8082 100_8083 100_8085 100_8088 100_8090

AC/DC Black Ice Lamp Shade


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