Fake T.N.T.


This cd usually sells for the least out of the four fakes. The front insert again is just more colourful and brighter than the real deal. Has been faked by the Russians and Chinese. Please click on any picture for detailed view.                                                                                          Chinese Fake


The rear insert again has more colour and is brighter with a slightly different font. The C in the circle has now been fixed by the fakers.

                                            Chinese Fake


The cd’s again I believe it is plainly obvious to see the differences. There is no colour apart from red, black and white in the fake where the real one is multi coloured. Angus actually has a real skin colour and there are light blues and greens and browns on the real version.

                                                      Chinese Fake


The rear insert spine of the fake is again different colour, font and size of font.

Capture8 fake

The real one below. Notice the different font and sizing. Sizing of T.N.T. and how easy it is to see the word productions under Albert on the real version compared to the fake above? Did you notice the fake has no full stop after the letter T in T.N.T.?


Russian Fake.

The Russian fakes are much better and harder to pick than the Chinese ones. Notice just the brighter colours and new fresh looking everything for a 20 year old CD. Chinese CD in the middle Russian fake at the bottom in the pic with 3 cd’s.

Fake Russian version below

Real Version

Real Matrix

Fake Matrix

My sincere thanks also goes to a good friend in Germany who assisted in providing most of the pictures. Thank you. 


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