Fake Let There Be Rock

Let There Be Rock

This CD typically sells for a little less the High Voltage and Dirty Deeds. Faked by the Chinese. Yet again the front insert is much whiter and brighter than the real one. The black part is much blacker than the real one.  Also the font of Let There Be Rock is different. Look at the R and K in Rock in particular.

Chinese Fake


The rear insert is also a lot whiter and blacker than the real one. If you click on the pic and look at it in large form you will notice the writing down the bottom on the real version has the letter P in a circle followed by 1974 Albert Productions. Followed by the letter C in a circle which is the copy write mark followed by 1995 J Albert & Son Pty Ltd. Now look at the fake next to it, there is no circle around the C and it is quite small. You may also notice the C with circle around it on the real version is a lot harder to see then the fake because of the brighter printing on the fake. Also there is a full stop after 1995 J Albert & Son Pty Ltd on the real version. This was left out or missing on the fake. Look at the size of the white box on the fake compared to the real one and again all the font is slightly different.

Chinese Fake


The cd face again I believe is very easy to tell the fake from the real version. The real version has a darker ring about 12,mm wide around the outside of the disc face and also has a liver/white appearance whereas the fake has no dareker circle and is just white and black. Also you can see the font and size of font on Let There Be Rock and Albert is different. There are also other small differences can you pick them? Notice the EMI logo down the bottom on both? How about the missing Digital Audi Technology’s Australia that is not on the fake? The white writing around the outside compared to the real one?

Chinese Fake


The rear insert spine fake below again is different colour and font and font size.

Capture7 fake

The real one below different colour and font and font size.



My sincere thanks also goes to a good friend in Germany who assisted in providing most of the pictures. Thank you. 


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