Fake High Voltage

High Voltage

As this is the first album release of AC/DC this 1995 Albert EMI picture cd always seems to sell for the highest. Picture below shows the real cover next to the fake. The only difference you may see is actual colour of the insert is slightly different in fact it is brighter than the real one. As far as I know for now it has not been faked by the Russians only the Chinese. Also the Sony/BMG 82876866442 box set has also been faked by the Chinese and contains a fake High Voltage CD as detailed only by the matrix at the bottom of the page. The box set containing T.N.T. or the one with ’74 Jailbreak have both been faked by the Chinese. Please click on any picture to enlarge it for a detailed view.


The rear insert is also a slightly different colour much brighter. If you click on the pic and look at it in large form you will notice the writing down the bottom on the real version has the letter P in a circle followed by 1974 Albert Productions. Followed by the letter C in a circle which is the copy write mark followed by 1995 J Albert & Son Pty Ltd. Now look at the fake next to it, there is no circle around the C. You may also notice the C with circle around it on the real version is a lot harder to see then the fake because of the brighter printing on the fake. The letter C not circled on the fake is also in lower case. If you also have a good eye you will notice the actual font on the whole rear insert is slightly different to the real version. Easy to see when side by side like below.


The difference in the actual cd is so plainly obvious this is why the sellers of the fake will rarely show the face. I don’t think it needs any more explanation.


The rear insert spine below is from the  fake. Different font colour and size of font.

Capture5 fake

The rear insert spine below is real. Can you notice the slight difference in colour and font?


Different Matrix on the inner circle.

Boxset Fake Matrix

Fake matrix black with ifpi CC309 on it

fake black matrix

Boxset Real Matrix

real white matrix

Many thanks to a mate in Germany for providing most of the pictures.


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