Fake 1992 TNT Sony

1992 Sony TNT now faked by the Russians.

Easiest way to pick the fake is on the front and rear insert and on the cd face itself track 2 is listed as rock n roll singer when in fact all the original versions were indeed misprinted rock n singer. Secondly notice how thick the silver matrix area is compared to a real one and also the matrix numbers are printed on in black. The real version has a thinner silver circle and its matrix numbers are silver and not printed on in black ink like this fake. If you see the words rock n roll roll singer printed on the cd face or front and rear insert I 100% guarantee you it is a Russian fake cd and worthless. Thanks to my mate in Germany for providing the comparison pictures.




Fake cd below

Notice track 2 says rock n roll singer. All the original 1989 CBS and 1992 Sony pressings had a mistake on the rear insert by omitting the word roll. They all read rock n singer. This cd is fake and worthless.

Fake rear insert

Fake front insert

Fake front cover

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