Sony BMG 2009 Black Ice Special Limited Edition Tin Box

Black Ice Limited Edition Tin Box

Released by Sony BMG in 2009 this Tin Box Set includes a special limited edition cd, 20 page book with live pictures in concert, DVD including Rock “N” Roll Train, five sticker set, giant AC/DC flag and an AC/DC Gibson guitar pick. This box set is still sealed in the original shrink wrap and will remain so. I now have two of these sets thanks to a mate in Germany who sent me one for Christmas. All photos apart from pic 1 and 3 are taken from the opened set. Click on any pic for a larger view.







Front and Back

The tin has two hinged steel lids which both open. One side houses the Cd in a steel tray the other houses the DVD in a steel tray.


Cd in steel tray


DVD in steel tray


20 Page Booklet

100_4207 100_4208 100_4209 100_4210 100_4211 100_4212 100_4213 100_4214 100_4215 100_4216

Gibson Guitar Pick

100_4218 100_4219

Large Black Ice Tour Flag


5 Sticker Set

scan0074 scan0073 scan0072 scan0071 scan0070


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