Albert FMR 2002 Festival Mushroom Records CD Boxset

This box set was released in 2002 to replace the long out of print (OOP) 1995 EMI Boom Box. I actually bought this box set off an FMR employee who was given it by his boss back in 2002. It was one of the first releases as every jewel case has the words “NOT FOR SALE Promotional Use Only” on the back . This set includes Ballbreaker and Stiff Upper Lip which the 1995 set did not. Some box sets had the single Stiff Upper Lip cd in it and others have the Australian Tour Edition 2 cd version with 5 extra tracks and 3 videos. There were also two different versions of the Ballbreaker cd. Slightly different artwork between the two and one has the clear FMR logo whilst the other has the yellow FMR logo. Both pictured below in order of release.



100_8536 100_8537 100_8539 100_8540 100_8541 100_8542 100_8545 100_8546

100_8368 100_8377 100_8386 100_8395 100_8404 100_8413 100_8422 100_8430 100_8439 100_8447 100_8456 100_8465 100_8474 100_8483

Ballbreaker Version 1



Ballbreaker Version 2

100_4774 100_4775 100_4776 100_4773


Stiff Upper Lip Version 1 Single cd.



Stiff Upper Lip Version 2 Australian Tour Edition 2 cd.

100_4777 100_4778 100_4779 100_4780



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