Brockum Trading Cards

Official Merchandise from 1991. There were 288 cards in the base set plus some Holographic cards. Not all cards in the set were of AC/DC . I am not sure how many cards actually included AC/DC. I will attempt to collect all the AC/DC cards in the set one day. Made in the USA.

Cliff Williams Card #6

scan0035 scan0046

Chris Slade Card #11

scan0036 scan0045

Angus Young Card #13

scan0037 scan0044

Cliff Williams Card #21

scan0040 scan0049

Malcolm Young Card #23

scan0038 scan0047

Angus Young Card #24

scan0039 scan0048

Chris Slade Card #35

scan0043 scan0051

Cliff Williams Card #36

scan0041 scan0052

Chris Slade Card #37

scan0042 scan0050

Angus Young Card #42

scan0053 scan0061

Angus & Chris Card #51

scan0054 scan0063

Malcolm Young Card #56

scan0055 scan0062

Band Line Up 1991 Card #60

scan0057 scan0065

Malcolm Young Card #75

scan0058 scan0066

Brian Johnson Card #79

scan0056 scan0064

Brian Johnson Card #90


Brian Johnson Card #112

scan0059 scan0068


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