1985/6/7 1st Japan Press CDP Australian Albert EMI Release CD’s.

The following collection of cd’s were the 1st cd’s ever pressed for release into the Australasian market. These cd’s are renowned for their superior sound quality and usually their expensive price to buy. All the cd’s in this set are now 26-28 years old. I have over time bought and sold many of this set but I do not keep them as they are too expensive and hard to find.

Please click on any thumbnail for larger view

CDP 746667 2. High Voltage


 CDP 746272 2. T.N.T.


CDP  746273 2. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

d22 b16 f5

CDP  746666 2 Let There Be Rock

d38 f8 b38

CDP 748734 2. Powerage

d295 b284 f11

CDP 746672 2. If You Want Blood

d273 d273b f12

CDP Highway To Hell

d92 b92 f14

CD 431046. Back In Black

100_7621 100_7622 100_7620

CDP 746665 2 For Those About To Rock

DSCF7506 DSCF7501 DSCF7503

CDP  746671 2 Flick Of The Switch

d143 b143 f21

CDP 746669 2 Fly On The Wall

d163 b164 f23

CDP 746299 2 Who Made Who

This was the last CDP pressed in Japan in early 1987

d178 b178 f24

CDP 748972 2 Blow Up Your Video

This album was released and pressed in Australia in 1988 to complete the CDP series of cd pressings. After these cd’s came the 1989 series of Disctronics CBS  Australian pressings.

d277 b277 f25


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