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Hey Fellow AC/DC Fans. Just started this site to catalogue my never ending AC/DC collection. A good mate showed me the site and got me into it. It is a good way to keep track of my ever growing collection. I have numerous amounts of vinyl and cd’s and interesting collectibles yet to update. I also try to provide accurate information on certain releases and memorabilia. Should you find any inaccuracy’s please let me know. I am a little slow to update stuff but will get it all done one day. Check back occasionally to see what’s new.

I’m just a keen ACDC fan and collector of everything I can afford. I buy, sell, swap, trade, anything AC/DC that interests me. Particularly interested in Australian release original pressings of cd’s, posters and vinyl. I also like to collect rare hard to find items like coins, buttons, badges, pins, clocks, games, cards, etc. If you think you have something interesting from AC/DC you wish to sell please contact me. Please view my wanted page where I pay top $$$$$ for items I’m looking for. Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy the site. If you have any comments to make or wish to sell or buy something please enter details in the leave reply, enter your own comment section at the bottom of any page. Thanks.


7 Responses to “Intro & About”

  1. Hi Mate, I contacted you last year about the spirit glasses with ballbreaker in it. I never got a return email but saw you replied here (I just never saw it) Just wondering if you are still possible selling them and if you’d like to discuss it still?


  2. Be A Good Doga Says:

    Hey mate, did you get my reply, when you made your offer to sell (some of) your collection to me? If not, I said that I’m unable to afford many of what’s in it, because I’m only a pensioner, because I have autism. And also, thank you for your offer, mate!

  3. What an awesome collection! Your descriptions and photos have help me a lot when I’m about to purchase something and I need help avoiding fake replicas. I wonder if you plan to add more items to your page. Thanks again

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